Strategic Business Transformation

Strategic Business Transformation

In this era of airline commoditisation and highly competitive markets, there are many moving parts as passengers’ needs and expectations rapidly change and evolve. To deliver value, airlines known for their operational excellence need to focus more and differently on their customers and use service as a key differentiator.  Most airlines recognize the need to become customer centric, but find it difficult to change. To become successful, a strategic business transformation and alignment across the entire enterprise is required. To become Passenger Centric, an airline organisation, like yours, needs to develop new capabilities and competences:

  • Strategic Thinking around the Customer
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Product & Service Design
  • Product & Service Delivery
  • The ability to measure and receive feedback
  • Creating a customer-centric culture across the entire organisation

Based on research it can take 3-5 years to strategically embed Customer Experience Management in your organisation.

We have been in your shoes as airline customer experience leaders and we know what it takes to develop a successful customer-centered culture. We can accelerate your learning curve by adding our long-term industry expertise and specific competencies in this field at every phase in your transformation.


Ready for Take-Off

Changing focus from a product oriented organization  to a Passenger Centric organization must have a smooth take-off and well-structured start. It requires commitment and buy-in from top management.  At Passenger Centricity, we will help you structure your business transformation, inspire and unite the Leadership team and Organization.

Cross Check

You are on your way, but you want to know if you are doing the right things, you want to analyze the data. Our experts will measure and assess the current state of your Customer Centric maturity. We will do a quick audit and share the results with the leadership team. Based on our analysis we will prioritize your Passenger and Organizational objectives and actions.


A Customer Experience leader succeeds when there is clarity about the what is needed, when he/she connects to the airlines' business growth, and when he/she engages the leadership team as partners in this Passenger Centric transformation. PC will accelerate your transformation and learning curve by coaching your Customer Experience leader, the C-suite, executive  and service delivery teams.

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